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'All My Children' Stars: Then And Now

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All My Children is one of those classic soap operas that's been around for decades and has launched countless careers. The series first aired in 1970, and it stayed around for 22 seasons until it wrapped in 2011. Then it was brought back for a web series in 2013 for one year. The drama was set in the now-iconic town of Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, which had its fair share of love triangles, murders, and scandals, intertwining the residents in juicy plots and unexpected twists. But while all the story arcs were memorable, they wouldn't have been half as exciting if it weren't for the talented actors who brought them to life. 

There have been many memorable All My Children stars throughout the decades, and some have stuck with the show from its premiere to its end. For example, the iconic Susan Lucci brought Erica Kane to life on All My Children from 1970 to 2011, and quickly became the highest-paid actor in daytime television. The show also launched careers for actors who went on to do other kind of television, like Kelly Ripa who became a morning talk show host legend. Below are All My Children stars: then and now. Which ones were your favorites?