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These Hair Mistakes Might Be Aging You

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Hair is a personal thing: What might work on one woman might not fit another. There are so many variables that make a style look "good." It all depends on your face shape, your bone structure, and most importantly, your attitude. While one woman might look incredible in a pixie cut, another might look stunning in waist-length gray hair. And depending on her attitude, these looks can make her look youthful and bright. 

But it's when you try on a style that doesn't quite suit your personality that you run into trouble. And while maybe you tried it out because it was trendy, or you saw other women wearing it, you might now feel like it has aged you by a couple of years. If you're in that predicament right now, we have some answers. Scroll down to see some common hair mistakes that make you look older, and some explanations on why it might be adding some unnecessary years to your look.

There are the common errors, like wearing dated hairstyles or ignoring thinning hair. And then there are some mistakes that might surprise you, like adding too much volume or going too short. If you feel like your current look makes you feel older than you are, scroll down and see if we can pinpoint why.