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Rarely Seen Photos Of Camilla, The Duchess Of Cornwall

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Pool/Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images
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16. Buckingham Palace Garden Party
This photo of a beaming Duchess Of Cornwall, was taken in 2005 at her first Buckingham Palace garden party since her marriage to Prince Charles. She was 57 when the pair married.

The duchess reportedly has never had cosmetic surgery or used Botox. Apparently, she uses an organic alternative invented by beautician Deborah Mitchell. According to author Kathy Lette, Camilla "immediately endeared herself to me by revealing how many well-meaning Americans had sent her contact details of their cosmetic surgeons— which only served to give her more laughter lines. We had a good laugh that day about women on the wrong side of 50 and how the best way to avoid wrinkles is to take off your glasses."