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Toys From The '70s We Used To Love

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I find it quite ironic that for most of our childhood we want to be grown-ups, and most of our adult life is spent wishing we were kids again, right? After all, those days were the best. The summers were long, and we actually had time to get bored!

Some of our favorite childhood memories are about the toys we played with. When we see those toys, it takes us right back to our childhood. No wonder so many people are toy collectors. After all, there isn't much else that makes us feel like a kid again. 

We had great toys in the '70s. It was before every toy talked to you and seemed smarter than you, at least when you were playing with it. Toys back then were simpler, and required us to use our own imagination. Many of the toys fostered creative, interactive play. And they could hold our attention for hours. 

We also didn't have as many toys back in those days, at least not compared to kids today. We typically only got new toys at birthdays and holidays, at least in my family. So our toys were special. And when we think about them, they bring back great memories. Here are 30 popular toys from the 1970s. Which were your favorites?